Faculty of Science

Our heritage comprises fifty years of experience since the Faculty of Science was created as a centre that depended on the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and five centuries since the first university studies were implemented in the Balearic Islands. In 1978, the University of Palma was founded - only to become the University of the Balearic Islands, in 1985 - and thus the stage was set for the process that would lead our faculty to become what it is today - a brilliant and rock-solid centre capable of overcoming any initial setbacks, and which continues to demonstrate the necessary boldness to expand and progress further.

The faculty currently manages the teaching, resources and processes leading to the award of the degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Physics and Chemistry, whilst promoting cultural and university outreach activities.

It is located in the campus buildings that bear the name of two renowned pioneering scientists from the Balearic Islands: Mateu Orfila i Rotger (1787-1853) and Guillem Colom Casasnovas (1900-1993). Between lecturers, students and admin and services staff, it serves as a base and home to a community of about one thousand people.

  • 1Center
  • 4 Degrees
  • 277 Lecturers
  • 45 Admin staff
  • 915 Students